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19 March 2006 @ 05:59 pm
Topic 02: Dynamics Between the Pevensie Children  
The Pevensies are the core of all our stories about Narnia: they are the four legendary monarchs who reigned during the Golden Age, the four who form the connection point between all other adventurers to Narnia. However, they are also a group of complex people whose personalities and interactions cannot be easily summarized. What sort of dynamics exist between the Pevensie children?


How much authority does Peter, as High King, have over his siblings? How does he exercise it? Does he ever abuse it?

What tensions among the Pevensies led Edmund to betray them? Was his animosity for anyone in particular, or for all of them as a whole? How are these tensions resolved?

What role does each Pevensie play in terms of the governing of Narnia?

What role does each Pevensie play in terms of their own group?

What different dynamics exist between Peter and Susan, Peter and Edmund, and Peter and Lucy?

What different dynamics exist between Susan and Peter, Susan and Edmund, and Susan and Lucy?

What different dynamics exist between Edmund and Peter, Edmund and Susan, and Edmund and Lucy?

What different dynamics exist between Lucy and Peter, Lucy and Susan, and Lucy and Edmund?

How does Susan's estrangement in the later books affect the Pevensies as a whole?

Who is the core of the group? Is it Peter, as High King, or someone else?

How does king- and queen-ship change the dynamics between the Pevensies? Is any of this change permanent beyond their time as monarchs?

Do you see any pairs out of the Pevensies as especially close? Which ones?

The inevitable topic: incest. How plausible is it? What makes it plausible or implausible? Is it more plausible between certain pairs than others? (Respect, please.)

Fun question: Who out of the Pevensies do you see yourself as the most like?

Remember, you in no way need to limit your discussion to these questions — they are merely a springboard off of which to start your ideas. And also, as incest is a potential topic of discussion here, please, please, please remember that while you may have your views, others have theirs, and absolutely no bashing of others for whatever they might think.
The White Ghost: aslannimoloth on March 22nd, 2006 12:55 pm (UTC)
It's interesting to see their reactions. Especially sibling fighting, with Edmund, and bickering. I recognize it from having grown up with two younger brothers. It's very believable. But sometimes they get on much better than real siblings do :).

I expect, as Kings and Queens, they didn't always agree, but I imagine Peter would have the final say on things. I expect they fell out sometimes, but at other times were very close, because they are the only family they have. I wonder if they ever missed their family at home - although it seems from reading the books that in Narnia, you forget our world, and it seems "as in a dream". So perhaps they weren't so lonely after all. And they would have had many friends and confidants in Narnia too.

I suspect it would have made an ideal childhood environment to grow up in, and I think they would have become very much more mature than normal children for their years, having to reign as monarchs at such a young age. But they would have been very lighthearted and carefree monarchs, perfect for a country such as Narnia.

I wonder how this affected them when they returned to our world? How much did they remember, and did they remember it with sadness or joy? It must have been quite traumatic to suddenly find yourself to be about 10 years old again, after being a fully grown man or woman. I suppose part of the magic is also that it wasn't to traumatic for them. Although I think they would always have been more mature than children their age in our world, and much closer than most brothers and sisters, having shared such an experience and life. I wonder if some of their mannerisms and speech remained? It doesn't seem that any did.